Love’s blog

we arrange for the blueprint to be sent an as we wait i decide to take a walk over there. i see something i’m interested in. something that  catches my eye. oh, i know what it is. it’s the foundation stone. someone has already laid it for me. look how big it is. much larger than a door, a big an a beautiful expanse of golden pearl. it must have cost a lot to lay this.

it stretches for miles. an i look an i see just how huge this city is to be…





Love’s places…

i check the meters an read them, an wonder at the height of each building. i do miss the queens english so much.  i pull out the remnant of violet. an i make the last few blocks for the back of the log cabin. may it live long an prosper. an still be in place centuries later…


its as i type

you know what its like. you come back on line, an check the reader’s notes….just as we do i see in them our notes from Lilly.  an then see, no she just got in the list there.  her hat gives the game away. 003

its colder now.  an i pull up the collar on my blue jumper it comes up like a hood. an this has a collar too. i am warm again.

i will love you an leave you

kisses for Lilly xx

wivs frend

we came downstairs

an are ready for cooler weather.  sitting here on the arm of the sofa knees against a chest of drawers, Lilly looks out over old memories an her dads medals…the radiator is over there….. an well the cats out an i really do miss good english.

so i email an get a reply …..


i think its time for sleep. its long past my bedtime….lol.

night then. xx



five ducks an nasturtiums orange flowers tumbling from our pink hanging thing no full stops an six tomatos of varying varieties    nice isnt it when we get it right.  this is a bit wrong but look i only had five an a half hours sleep an was up to take out the stuff for the bins.  oh an i set the lovely bee free…



cowjust visiting her today. …the sunshine is lovely. its warm out there. an i am to be found out this morning an later.  feel like taking kindle out. got some things i love to see in there.  an later i’ll put the spider plant out an leave it all summer long.  quinkle likes to eat its leaves.  i dont know why i dont just put one plant down by his bowl…thinking of you, take care. be loved.


its 5.10am, theres quite a wind out an rain.  its the start of our exhibition so i do hope everyone gets there in the dry.  quinkle is outside my room this is, he was calling but he does this some mornings.  i’ll give him breakfast later. its too soon now.  he’s wide awake now anyway.  sailingatnighti make jigsaw puzzles. this one is sailing by night.  i like the reflection on the water, the ripple effect which doesnt work so well on some others.  diagonals work best.  xx

this saturday morning i think to paint a basket white or sky blue.  but not with acrylic paint as this is too precious to use for it.  to paint out two huge white/grey clouds in another sky blue sky with sky blue.  it is over my golden yellow meadow an i think it will be best to paint it from the trees down an upside down, wait for it…than from the sky down an the right way up.  i have noticed that as we get going an online there is a measured flash within a frame, like the taking of a photograph. but this is the good part about knowing God, i also hear let me mend this for you.  this is the beginning of my post today. some more may come after it.

kisses xx



its in the design

another very hot day…surprisingly out of words.  its still in the design for messages an i just write it out here to remind me, for the times i come over.  quinkle is out in the cool enjoying what has become his early morning jaunt.  an the living room is better off for it. we did this last may.  i put a bowl of water on the back step an we sit in too hot sun for as long as we can.  today i find a blue check cloth for the outside table. i like it like this.  it feels good.  remind me pls to water the hydrangea in the evening.  an tomatoes an generally all the plants.  i send an email to lilly with this inside.  the last time i was out i forgot to buy washing powder for the machine but had a bottle of bath stuff an have used this instead.  it washes very well an everything keeps its colour.  i put aside my book an havent picked it up yet.  i like to keep those notes safe.  but recently i have bought in different places an much healthier stuff at that, an so my usual list is out of sinc.   are you ready for today? as much as i can be.  its in the design i tell her, an i am coming back again.




today is going to be another hot day an today for sure the leaves on the tree sew themselves on in time.  i wake with a light heart thank You for taking everyone an everything i care for.  i await another delivery this time for healthier stuff.  almond an coconut milk,  oats, an v8.  i can add the green stuff to this an not mind…at all…be blessed if there is anyone out there who reads this. Let’s pray.


its the paragraph…

it is very hot outside. there is a lot of sun. an my glasses were on the floor beside the bed. i find a candle to light this evening outside.  an i chuck some stuff away.  i take photos an think for tomorrow if it doesn’t rain i can take my duvet out an lie in the sun…i find some old suntan cream. its gluggy.  creamy.  its just nice. an i wait for the post to deliver one small packet of organic chocolate rice cakes…i bought some [same] coconut oil. it went into the fridge until You remind me that years ago it was left on the side an can be used for the sun…i let go of my email account, the attractive one that other computers were drawn to an their numbers came up.  an this new one is totally beautiful like the other was when i began.  E-4 dear jane




mousewiv has come over from the cornfield. she watched as Lilly led the sheep in to the fold an fought to come over ven.  one foot at the ready she types really fast an offers her typing skills to every one there.  i have one mouse between the two an one is new so wiv her help an yes a typing mouse wiv a good cv…


i have made a mistake here an let her out.  i see i have posted on the main page an really mean to put this under cover in to her stuff.  but for now…wiv came freely from the internet a hungry mouse in a cheese free cornfield but with lots of grace supplied.

Just A Little Bit Longer…a song

I AM going to heal you. I AM going to give you a miracle that will knock the daylights out of the devil and I don’t care who hears it. and then I AM going to tell you what I AM going to do and I don’t care who hears that either.


Up your nose devil

I AM going to heal every one of your teeth and no devil in hell is going to stop Me. You have waited long enough for that to happen  Reverb that to Me.


I AM going to bless you with blessings from heaven above, and many more things as you go along.  Now put it out there and bless someone. You’re not in a fire for nothing. You’re there to bless someone.

Someone soon will come into your life and wont go away.

Friendships blossoming.

Joy returning.

Family on fire for Me.

That’s it, write it down.

Tell them what you think of Me.

Put My name below it.


I AM ready for anything and I AM ready for something.

Let it come.

Do drink some water though, it’s getting to Me.  Now come and give your life to Me.

Lord Jesus, I give You my life because I trust You with my life.  I give You my mind, my will, my emotions, my heart and my body.  Take over Master.  from Pastor Benny Hinn Ministries.

I submit under Your mighty hand, Lord God that You may exhalt me in due season, casting all my care upon You because You care for me.  the Holy Bible.

I give You my fears, I give You my anxieties, I say I will not fear and I enter into Your rest. because there’s a rest for the people of God. Please will You come with me today, Jesus?You going to stop Me? from Emic@Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

kisses xx

I release my faith to receive from You today Lord Jesus. I receive Your love from the Word and I expect miracles.  from Oral Roberts Ministries.