i have come over to make a present.  its  a brick quilt and i have the material. most of it was a quilt top i didn’t like very much an so i cut it  into manageable pieces, as you can see…an before your very eyes it will become another glorious quilt.


all this material is sitting on bobbins, you can see the spangles underneath.  its a loud hint to me to get on with something an not just look at it.  but back to the bricks, about 2½” by 1½”, allowing for the seams and sheeting for cement, 1½” between bricks and one whole strip between each row.*

i’m not sure of the size yet, the one i’m just finishing is sixty six inches square…and it’s taken just over a year to make.  first brick quilt@buzzing bees and the next photo will be of me sitting here on the sofa and a container of bricks. if i could find someone we could have a brick cutting party. or its just quinkle an me.


but he’s ….asleep in this one….and this one too.


kisses xx

HomeLoving Girl



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