Just A Little Bit Longer…a song

I AM going to heal you. I AM going to give you a miracle that will knock the daylights out of the devil and I don’t care who hears it. and then I AM going to tell you what I AM going to do and I don’t care who hears that either.


Up your nose devil

I AM going to heal every one of your teeth and no devil in hell is going to stop Me. You have waited long enough for that to happen  Reverb that to Me.


I AM going to bless you with blessings from heaven above, and many more things as you go along.  Now put it out there and bless someone. You’re not in a fire for nothing. You’re there to bless someone.

Someone soon will come into your life and wont go away.

Friendships blossoming.

Joy returning.

Family on fire for Me.

That’s it, write it down.

Tell them what you think of Me.

Put My name below it.


I AM ready for anything and I AM ready for something.

Let it come.

Do drink some water though, it’s getting to Me.  Now come and give your life to Me.

Lord Jesus, I give You my life because I trust You with my life.  I give You my mind, my will, my emotions, my heart and my body.  Take over Master.  from Pastor Benny Hinn Ministries.

I submit under Your mighty hand, Lord God that You may exhalt me in due season, casting all my care upon You because You care for me.  the Holy Bible.

I give You my fears, I give You my anxieties, I say I will not fear and I enter into Your rest. because there’s a rest for the people of God. Please will You come with me today, Jesus?You going to stop Me? from Emic@Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

kisses xx

I release my faith to receive from You today Lord Jesus. I receive Your love from the Word and I expect miracles.  from Oral Roberts Ministries.


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