its in the design

another very hot day…surprisingly out of words.  its still in the design for messages an i just write it out here to remind me, for the times i come over.  quinkle is out in the cool enjoying what has become his early morning jaunt.  an the living room is better off for it. we did this last may.  i put a bowl of water on the back step an we sit in too hot sun for as long as we can.  today i find a blue check cloth for the outside table. i like it like this.  it feels good.  remind me pls to water the hydrangea in the evening.  an tomatoes an generally all the plants.  i send an email to lilly with this inside.  the last time i was out i forgot to buy washing powder for the machine but had a bottle of bath stuff an have used this instead.  it washes very well an everything keeps its colour.  i put aside my book an havent picked it up yet.  i like to keep those notes safe.  but recently i have bought in different places an much healthier stuff at that, an so my usual list is out of sinc.   are you ready for today? as much as i can be.  its in the design i tell her, an i am coming back again.





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