Love’s stuff

all foundation quilt patterns are from the book by Margaret Rolfe, A Quilter’s Ark

chick   an i feel the day is complete when all  washing is in from the line an all the washing up dried an put away… we send a return email.  an there is something about new paragraphs but we can handle it.  how are you getting on?  there are still some things i put out onto the landing to make way for the carpet, an i need to find homes for them.  an just tidy my room… an i want peace.

from a little chicken

is there space under Your wing pls?


DSCN3161   its an artists handbook for the required generation… an Lilly posted her new photos for all to see.  one potted plant revived overnight… an unnamed koala bear hugging a hook in the kitchen an finally a beloved cat photograph… why i ask is the koala here? it came off the ewebank handle.



pigeon fanciers guide @Lilly’s pages  pls note the heart on the sleeve she carries.  any drops she makes are pure Love.


from free coloring pages selection pigeons carrying hearts.



wiv ..a mouse ..   no i answer her. my compooter came mouse free – wivout one. can you stay wiv me pls? rite now.  an her first page of notes may be viewed soon over in the cornfield where poppies grow an blue flags play in the wind. an my vote will always be yours.  kisses



wiv came freely from the internet…she likes it better wiv us . an we are waiting with great anticipation for her first hand notes…her own treble clef is in her pocket here…wiv the notes…



toucantou can use words with me.  if you can tou can too. its a very old one an it works here… i am just looking for wivs friend.  need help? let me no.



wivs frendwivs frend little owlet.



010small white pigeon from the promenade recollects a victorious king from ancient england who won his battles at sea, built strong walls around a town an fought against the vikings until making friends with some of them…

DSCN0151not just any old bird but one from our pigeon fanciers guide, high up an whose only drops are of pure love too.


in writing for Love an taking her dictation i see we have quite a lot of wild animals. i now linger in a field with memories…our cow butter dish was black an white yesterday an i thought of sending her into a charity shop to lounge in another field of others memories i took off her black spots an now she is pure white. thing is i am in love with her again an couldnt part with her.  let me get the camera an i will take one of her…shes big an beautiful a cow with a measured moo.

DSCN3239a message from the Messenger, say it to me, all. over. again.  in writing for Love an taking her dictation i fall in Love with Love. all. over. again.  a message from the Messenger…




DSCN3161i know.  it looks like that.  it is.  an its looking down.  an if you have been following this page you will know by now…



just visiting her today. …the sunshine is lovely. its warm out there. an i am to be found out this morning an later.  feel like taking kindle out. got some things i love to see in there.  an later i’ll put the spider plant out an leave it all summer long.  quinkle likes to eat its leaves.  i dont know why i dont just put one plant down by his bowl…thinking of you, take care. be loved.



wivs frend Founder finds an returns home carrying lost lamb…meadow talk for friendly.

find closed door only awaiting an opening. an mountain gear required only when falling in love headlong an remain for Founder only.  re tell @archer family soon.

wisdom for_getting understanding gives new title to authenticated author.

any old search engine will do.  say it again@sse@Love’s_pagesdotcom where her help comes in from an @12.1 an elven talk @tolkein…re for poppy_cornfield an great grace below_in_transportation.     thats




standing in for a caterpillar which escaped when it was smaller an lingered long enough on an inner wall an has now become invisible on the carpeted bathroom floor, i feel i may not represent one as lovingly as this snail an therefore it will represent an i will watch.


funny snail from free colouring pages


butterflywe have a visitor… we make foundation quilting stuff like the little chicken in our first memo an other things that look like that here…this is a butterfly it flew in an stayed. i enjoyed this pattern. an we made the cow an toucan…an its 22.22 an time for bed.

loving you all. kisses from Love an me. for ever. xx

an where were your glasses i ask her.  where i left them.  an not in Your pocket? the conversation goes round once more…

night xx


just leaving going to sign out came back for a message: perma link message via Love’ in office location an not on the phone.  all integral parts reLiteration info obtained amid laughter rewhat query this i am in charge an some words will go.  permal ink  Love xx

Re in RealTime sound words only. xx


wivs messages over here too. find time to rite her notes wiv a pen…find time wiv wiv.

searching through records we find wivs notes in the pages of jigsaws over in an make mention of her here…paragraphs appear where line left an not where thought.

1-5.note:  wiv note: mouse notes keep in my pocket til time is right.  find miracle in this that line is moved so this line new an free…

kisses from the Creator an from me…


010an it is from our new office area…one hand cat-ward an with typists prayer enfolding we listen to christian broadcasting via a;sp  also due to many thanks…old timer longs for peace finds time to gather channel clicker?  an enjoys raspberry tea after no pressure but wisdom creates an example………

where is Jesus? we are in trouble an we have no idea we are.


now with cushion appropriately appropriated an against the lower drawer an one placed for seating we are ready for whatever we feel like saying here.  quink has let us be peaceful re  an we look up in our hope for a Certain Future.  know to one element empty an our View of the Meadow gloriously filled with joy pure JOY as many many more than think now reside in its heavenly measures.


i believe i said earlier quink allowed peace via prayer_link re meadow friendships…he has found it more comfortable now to come an sit on my knees! i am warm an so is he….an now @ten i am going to my bed. an quink to his then.

good night xx



its noted that a post without a picture is boring. we continue.  two small cartons of strawberry soya milk are on their way here. also some freedom vegan marshmallows an two packets of quinoa crisps.  note: by express delivery….whereas i feel deeply a miracle ensues [not sure if this is the word]  i said to the cat sit an he did. an mine is gently working out.   i think to place our trolley in the hall on the other wall but must remember its there.  an tomorrow haribo giant strawberrys.

as i welcome a few more pounds loss….i no longer count calories. just eat when i’m hungry, an learn again to drink more water.  i am on a vegetable diet for weight loss an thats all.  is it coming off? you can bet on it.  i dont eat sweets an chocolate any more, the way i did it before.  an the only photo i will post of me here will be when i am me the way i dream of me being. xxx


its like this an is so simple to understand. wifs petals drop off her needles with a speed not unlike an here we stop for i have run out of words…an my petal is out of this world an too big for its base which you may remember is now oval instead of round….the very next idea we have is to crochet a poppy.  can this go wrong? i ask anyone who is listening…perhaps they will send me a pattern…soon…….;#xx

Love xx


so do you remember the canadian rose? because thats the next pattern…..its a yellow poppy for the cornfield where blue flags fly an we all need to remember our friends…its purely a christian thing,,,not to judge others an love each other.   friendly fire in Kingdom halls is…help me crochet red poppies please. ..

all n sundry…how did the eclipse look today?

God bless you.

Love xx


for the future…to someone precious who doesnt know they are. you are on my heart, for treasure.  an if you ever could send me one without asking me i will love it.  thank you so much for thinking of me.  so kind.  i love you for it.

always in my thoughts

Love xx

wow what happened then? wow…i pressed the enter button an …….wow! the print

an i have lost my new follower…completely.   oh well…


.. so until the next time when we are in print we remain your loving kindly an happy securely happy people who wont know what to write next until they begins it.  strmy upi h;sf er hry piy gomfrtd pm yjr etpmy lrud dp,ryo,rdejrtrd yjr wirdyopm ,stl///

with Love an always in love with Him

always an for ever in love

with Him…see you in the meadow…kisses xxxxxxxxxx


it is @16.16pm when we have come back in from painting the wall an have considered a title for this blog; whitewashed wall…. that we see the sign for..there is no internet connection an that the wireless wave thingy has changed to an aeroplane in flight that we re our notebook like before an wonder what you are doing….just why the mouse jumps the way it does is not known to me. yet. an our thoughts turn to outside polyfilla an not the indoor. both of which we have…..somewhere in a box an near to hand i hope.  its to LillyMeadow we now go for an afternoons rest an a tidy up. i have stuff in there i promised i would never have in a room after seeing someone elses.  but when the carpet came it moved in there….

but we have news from the primrose patch….yes we have.  we see there are three new cabbage whites in place of two chrysalises.  did one produce twins or did You put another in for me? or was there one under a leaf there which hatched at the same time? i often see shorthand notes with these words we type.

i find a verse which simply speaks to me. dont bless your neighbor early in the morning….an my prayers quieten to a whisper.


how to type a code just move fingers along the keys an begin there…..


i go online for food an forage among fruit baskets an things…. i say i could eat a horse knowing its not really true but i could eat somefing…okay which shall i put on? an i hear Your whisper, pink.

i stand in front of a mirror an think…has this pretty pink cardi become my size? an i think its lost some inches too.  how is the mouse here when it could be after //lots of dots?

lots of dots…


here now. bust my nail last night. wanted it nice for today.  i am here now due to holidaying….i have been sent on holiday for the second time this year an i am happy to come here/  its a nice meadow. the skys violet still.  the blossom pink. theres an orange moon an i hear You walk across to me an Your smile is for me alone.


i have been sent on holiday for the second time this year an i am happy to come here/  its a nice meadow. the skys violet still.  the blossom pink. theres an orange moon an i hear You walk across to me an Your smile is for me alone.