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my box of bricks

i have come over to make a present.  its  a brick quilt and i have the material. most of it was a quilt top i didn’t like very much an so i cut it  into manageable pieces, as you can see…an before your very eyes it will become another glorious quilt.


all this material is sitting on bobbins, you can see the spangles underneath.  its a loud hint to me to get on with something an not just look at it.  but back to the bricks, about 2½” by 1½”, allowing for the seams and sheeting for cement, 1½” between bricks and one whole strip between each row.*

i’m not sure of the size yet, the one i’m just finishing is sixty six inches square…and it’s taken just over a year to make.  first brick quilt@buzzing bees and the next photo will be of me sitting here on the sofa and a container of bricks. if i could find someone we could have a brick cutting party. or its just quinkle an me.


but he’s ….asleep in this one….and this one too.


kisses xx

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knitting to the full

in teach yourself knitting style i will begin an have some wool from a few years back given me as a retirement present.  although it is easy following a pattern i just sometimes like to knit two oblongs an set in the sleeves an a roll neck or polo neck for comfort.

as i begin i will include a photo here, later today.xx

ball of wool

james c brett an marble chunky an i am not using a pattern.

this wool says all the seasons in one. ty.


shall we log out?

no way.

until i remembered, i’d forgotten this was here. hello wordpress. i’m baaaaaaaack. did you miss me at all?

speaking of dinosaurs. that’s all i have to say. i know they were alive in the first verse of the first book of the Bible. then there was a big space of time.  then God made everything new.

and he made them again for the garden of Eden, and their great great great great greats are living in this world today. nessie. and many more. in lakes, rivers, around the world.

i believe the Bible from the very first book to the last one. everything was created in the beginning, then God made them from the second verse on.

you are loved.

Jacqui xx

eeps…are picots vital?

eeps...where the picot edge

pillow view

they ought to be in this outer trail. and they are not. so let’s see if i can do better second time around. this is a baby class, so we can make mistakes. i think it still looks okay and i have still to do the fillings. you see that little triangular trail? picots go there too. sigh. am i enjoying this new work? yes. thank you for visiting and maybe coming again.

Jacqui xx