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Wishing Everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous 2015!


so blessed this Christmas, and sew i am learning to make blocks for a crazy quilt! and i hope to make some of my own laces to embellish them, along with the shop-bought ones and any buttons and beads that catch my eye.
in amongst dear jane blocks there will be these. i will try to bring a mix of what is happening on buzzing of bees and almond blossom. and i hope you will enjoy the quilting process with me.
Thank you all very much for visiting this blog and leaving your comments last year. You are all so much appreciated! I wish you all the very best with your blogs in 2015.


with love,
Jacqui xx


low-maintenance chicken hits oven running!

more hexies

i have been sewing – honest!
and then i could just go to sleep as well. but everybody knows you’ve got to fight sleep.
we get thin not fat rain. and when you go to the beach off-season its space to breathe.
i think i will post some flowers.



and hie me off to – well – hoover my bedroom floor. it hasn’t been done.
What are you having for supper?

with love,
Jacqui xx

visibility good

our indian summer made way for some rain and october chill. but who cares? we’re going to have rain anyway why not start now?
on HomeLoving Girl i am beginning a hexie…and over here i am showing off my box of dear jane blocks which i am backing as i go as i want to make a different one. also my applique is never going to be like dear jane’s, never in a million years, and so i am doing this to cover my not so neat sewing.
here is the box

dear jane

and the lid…


because i haven’t got a bunch of flowers to give you this time.

with love,
Jacqui xx

getting ahead

hello and welcome. our lovely hot summer disappeared with the beginning of august although the sky is blue and clear sometimes, with white cloud too, we have much cooler days. it is as if two months arrived together.
and sweetie the pigeon has made her nest in another area.
i have been busy making the blocks to dear jane and this one is j10 beginning.

christmas berries2

i like it because it reminds me of holly and berries.
it has begun to be christmassy already.
last year there was making christmas. with so much encouragement to complete everything on time.
and see how others were tackling their present-making, too. this year i am beginning early so i have more time to make my janes, making a quilt from christmas fat quarters and some mug rugs to begin. here’s the photo borrowed from buzzing of bees.

fg quilt

with love, xx


moon shine

J-9 jane

J-5 jane
J-5. i think the spaces will disappear as i fill in with little stitches.

i am stepping off the edge into more complicated blocks in my dear jane learning and loving every minute.
and then again simply enjoying life.
this morning we had two tremendous downpours before seven then the rest of the day was wonderful.
now there is a full moon. and big rolling black clouds hid it from view. but like the sun, you can’t keep a good thing down.
good night.

Jacqui xx